Concerning PS-hinting

Are there a way to copy hints between fonts/glyphs?
And a wish for future updates: Move-able hints, like in Fontlab VI :wink:

What do you mean by moveable hints? If you move the hint, the nodes follow?

Well, In FL VI you can quickly control hints with the mouse, move them around – in Glyphs you have to choose points, then click, and choose the kind of hint (H or V) you want …

To achieve PS hints for this B?
Right click, Autohint.

Or really, nothing at all. Instead, just make sure Autohinting is on in the export dialog.

Thank you.
To get the best autohint-result, I should remove all existent hints in the font? If there are glyphs containing hints, the autohint-function will ignore these letters?

but why do you like to move them around? They are supposed to sit on the edges of nodes. Why move it somewhere else?

I have noticed, that when I hold ‘option-click’ I can manually adjust the hinting-area. That’s exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:
Thank you.