Condensed instances?

Now I have fight a lot (but without luck), to create condensed versions from these 4 Masters. I have put “20” in the Width-field for the two condensed masters, and “100” for all normal. And the same weight for the two light and the two bold masters:

If I now want to make a SemiBold Condensed, which values shall I use in the Instances tab? I’m lost.

Semibold condensed would use something between the two weight masters in the weight field and 20 for the width.

Thanks. I have tried, but still it’s not condensed? Please have a look here:

The master icons are not condensed either. You need to draw the condensed masters as condensed.

Oohhh. I thought you can create condensed ala the MM-way?

You can. With the RMX-Tools from Tim Ahrens.