Confused. Bug - or misunderstanding? Gl.303

Hi Forum. I am a Musician, sometimes tampering with Fonts… (for fun, and also for work).
Some days ago, I decided to go Glyphs -from Glyphs mini.

All in all, most things remain the same… but some things seems WEIRD to me:
-the Transformations section is behaving strange (resizing is WAY off!) -rotating doesn’t do proper rotating… etc.
Also, new to me is that most of the times, Nodes are weirdly connected, and I can’t “release them”… (??) (This is probably a feature, that I just don’t understand (yet), and need to turn off).

I would like to hear your views on this.

(Could it be problems with PlugIns / Scripts (Python)?

(Os 10.15.7)


-ok, the Rotation-problem was my mistake. When I looked closer, the Glyph wasn’t symmetrical. So, rotation can’t be perfect, then - can it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Still; The resize function behaves weird:
It makes HUGE transformations,…like, 200 % - even when I set 1%.
No matter if it is Locked, or single.

-to explain the Nodes-problem:
Of course I mean the Nodes HANDLE-BARS are connected. (In mini I never saw this “feature”). It’s not a constant thing. -some ARE connected (or “locked”), others seem to behave “normal”. I would guess there is a “chain-behaviour” somewhere that I must uncheck… (??) -can someone hint me where to? (Right-clicking on either Nodes, or Handlebars gives me nothing…).

Re: Nodes issue
You have quadratic (TrueType) curves. Convert therm to cubic: Path > Other > Convert to Cubic

Ah! Thanks, mate.

Scaling works as a percentage of the current size. So, if you want to scale up by 20%, enter 120% and click the scale button to the right of the percentage field. Scale back with the reverse scale button on the left.

See section 5.4.3 in the handbook for details.

Hallo Florian.
…hmm… of course.
Now, when you say it, it makes sense… but also, not really. :smiley:
If I want to resize -something- by 2%, I logically type in 2, and click either “+” or “-”.

I get it, though.
(weird, that I didn’t think of THAT, by myself… haha!)


Pressing +/− 2% makes intuitive sense, but if you scale +2% and then −2%, you do not get back to the original outline since you would need to scale back by −0.0196%, not −2%, to get back to the original outline.

The way Glyphs does it, you scale by 102% and if you reverse-scale by 102%, you get back to precisely the original outline.

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