Confused doing group kerning

Hi guys, I got my font spaced, then did some kerning on some key pairs I need. After that, for example, AV is kerned, and I also need all A with diacritics to react the same with V, so I selected all the A with diacritics and set A to the left/right kerning group but when I type AÅ for example, they are kerned too! :disappointed: I think I am misunderstanding this feature at all. I tried to follow but the ui is a bit different.

It still works the same way though. Set your groups first, then do the kerning. If AA is kerned as well, then maybe you set the left group of V same as A.

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yes, the problem is that I already have basic kerning and I added more glyphs that needs the same kerning…

You need to add classes to all of you glyphs open the kerning panel and select “Compress” form the small button in the lower right.

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