Confusing "opening file in different Glyphs version" dialogue - Feedback

Hey team, thought I’d share some feedback, take it or leave it :slight_smile:

This dialogue is probably my biggest (and, to be fair, more or less my only) pain point with Glyphs, and I keep running into it (enough that I am writing this post).

  1. I don’t really know what to do with the information being outputted. What do the co-ordinates (0,1) etc mean. I’m sure it’s very useful information, but perhaps to the layperson it is meaningless.
  2. I get this dialogue a fair bit, as I am required to work between versions on a current project. Every time it comes up, I have to re-read the language/wording to establish whether I check boxes to keep setttings the same, or to change them (though again, the proposed change is not clear). I don’t have a suggested improvement, but I wonder if this could be clearer
  3. “Check” in the bottom left is not clear, perhaps it could read more like “Check/uncheck all”
  4. Why can I select lines both by clicking / clicking+dragging / shift/cmd+clicking etc AND by checking their boxes? There is no obvious relationship between these two methods/ideologies. I.e. selecting a group of lines and then checking one of the boxes does not toggle only those selected lines. This adds to the general confusion. It also leaves me uncertain whether the checked items OR the blue-higlighted options open in the tab when the Show in Tab option is checked.
  5. Perhaps the biggest point: when would a user ever want these changes to occur? Surely we want our font to open up in the exact same state as when we left it? It makes me anxious that things have moved without my knowledge.

I know this might sound petty in places, but thought it was worth sharing, especially given how painless Glyphs is to use in every other respect.

Thanks as always for your consideration,


@mekkablue @GeorgSeifert Just noticed this dialogue has been updated, it is genuinely so much more comfortable to read and understand. Thank you :pray:

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