Confusion with Typographic Family Name

3.0.3 (3076)

When I use the “name table entry” custom parameter: 16 and 17 replace correctly name ID16 and 17.

BUT if I use the “general” parameter “Typographic family name” it replaces nameID1, and nameID16 becomes the “Localized family name” name which should be in nameID1.

“Typographic style name” is done correctly (goes to nameID17)
“Style Name” is also correct (goes to nameID2)

and ID4 and 6 are composed with what should be 16 and 17 (which I am not sure is a good idea, 1 and 2 looks like a safer choice for backward compatibility, but I am not sure)

Same here. When I use “Typographic family name” it replaces nameID1, and “Localized family name” becomes nameID16. Is this a bug?

What version do you have?