Confusions with quotedbls

hey, guys, so happy that i finally found here after days of struggles.

i know the questions i am gonna ask might be silly and stupid ,but i am here to learn as a beginner.

firstly, i get very confused about the"quotedbl", I filled the “quotedbl " with both sides,and then decomposed it and filled each of them respectively to the"quotedblleft” and “quotedblright” . but after i install it into illustrator, it only shows one side.and there are some grey boxes, what does it mean?

besides, i designed minus but cant type minus in other software.

what is more, i do not know how to set the space as when I type in illustrator, it shows a cross within a black frame.

I answered you email. Did that help?

Are you using the Adobe Fonts folder? You probably did not type minus, but hyphen, endash or emdash.