Connect position of a path and a component?

does anyone know a solution to connect/anchor the position of a path and a component?
To explain it, i use an lowercase ‘a’ in ‘d’ and ‘q’ just adding a stem. And if i adjust the metrics via transform i have to go back to ‘d’ and ‘q’ and reposition the path and component.

disabling ‘automatic alignment’ wont fix it.

Build /d and /q completely out of components /a, /ascender and /descender containing anchors like ascender/_ascender and descender/_descender, then it is automatically aligned. Make sure you do not mix paths and components.

So this is the only way to avoid it?
/d and /q would the simple ways of working like that. A big bunch of others got a component as base. For example /Q got an /O as baseglyph …


I believe it is the way that makes more sense because you can make use of anchors and automatic alignment. For the Q, I like to use O and a tail glyph as components.

Btw you can turn a path into a separate component by right clicking on it and choosing Make component from selection.

Ok. Sounds kind of senseful.
So, does there exist any naming system anywhere or do you use fantasy names?

The “base” glyph needs to be a letter (like ‘a’) the rest is not important.