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Hi Fourm!

I’m trying to script container shapes for my circled numbers, to have strings of multiple circled figures. I’ve seen this pulled out in many typefaces but I couldn’t find a tutorial or a topic about it. Is there any recommended workflow?

Thanks in advance for your time!

Can you show a mock-up of what you want to do?

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Sure, here it goes:

Any news on this topic?

I’m thinking. You will have display issues if you split them vertically. Unless you find a smarter way to split, like this perhaps:


Then a contextual feature can do the necessary substitutions.

Sorry for the delay.

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I would cut vertically in three pieces. That makes it mare flexibel.

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Thanks both for your answers!
Cutting vertically was my idea as well, but I’m not sure how to write the feature code accordingly.
I thought about having an hexagon.init/medi/fina and putting anchors at the right/center/left of them respectively, then triggering the calt with a stylistic set.
Is that possible or advisable?

That can be done by a chaining contextual substitution. This is probably the most compact way to write that, but may be difficult to understand for a beginner:

in a calt feature:

sub @numbers' lookup Left @numbers' lookup Middle @numbers' lookup Right;

and a prefix containing some lookups:

@numbers = [one two three four five six seven eight nine zero];
lookup Left {
	sub @numbers by [one.left two.left three.left four.left five.left six.left seven.left eight.left nine.left zero.left];
} ALeft;
lookup Middle {
	sub @numbers by [one.middle two.middle three.middle four.middle five.middle six.middle seven.middle eight.middle nine.middle zero.middle];
} AMiddle;
lookup Right {
	sub @numbers by [one.right two.right three.right four.right five.right six.right seven.right eight.right nine.right zero.right];
} ARight;
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