Contextual alternates and ligatures not working

Hi there - I’m a total newbie, working on a hand lettered font.

I had alternates and ligatures working in Glyphs App. I made a few changes (changed the style of my y and removed a previous y end form, which I also deleted from the features) and when I saved I couldn’t get even the unchanged ligatures and alternates working again.

These are my ligatures

Can anybody give me some quick pointers? Thank you!

It would only allow me to add one image -

Here’s my features:

Also the calt

What is not working? Can you export the font and the ligatures don’t work in the app you are testing?
You might have a cache problem:

When I test even within Glyphs the ligatures and alternates don’t show up, even with those features turned on.

Not a cache problem, I’ve been saving different names with each export. But anyways, I’m saying that the ligatures aren’t showing up even within Glyphs!

  1. Don’t use space for context in OT features. Your font will behave differently in different environments. Rather, use an ignore statement. See the Positional Alternates tutorial for details.
  2. What exactly are you typing with the features on? Lowercase f, followed by r?
  3. Did you compile features?