Contextual alternates at the beginning and end of the words

I am designing a script font with different alternates. I read this article and would like to use same idea as “Handsome” font has. So my expectation to get a smart font automatic replacements for each first and last letters with contextual alternates.

Can you please suggest any article or step by step instruction.

I am not very good in coding, but was lucky with So I have some experience.

Thank you in advance,

Look for a Glyphs tutorial called Positional Alternates.

Does init (initial forms) and fina (final forms) not do what you’re looking for?

some implementations “think” the init/medi/fina feature is only applicable for arabic and ignore it for latin text…

It works!
It is so great. Thank you a lot for all your efforts! I am so excited to implement it into my font:

I have found an interesting exaple of using open type font with positional alternates:

At the moment after reading I know how it works. However this author did even more. Please refer to attached example.

  1. Regular font
  2. Contextual alternates are on
  3. Contextual alternates + Stylistic alternates
  4. Stylistic alternates

At the moment I know how to do 1,2,4 but don’t have any idea how to show stylistic alternates for contextual ones. Can you help me with that?

Since I did 12-20 stylistic alternates for my flamingo font I am looking for a solution to automate as much as possible. Especially for photoshop users.

Thank you in advance,

For the the salt Feature, Glyphs copies the ss01 by default. You can deactivate the automation and roll your own. It is just like any other substitution feature.

You can automate it to some degree by hanging multiple suffixes, e.g., .init.ss01, to your glyph names. Feature suffixes will have to be in feature order, and there must be a glyph for every stage, e.g., .init, and then .init.ss01.

It works! Fantastic. I am so happy to use your app and get super fast assistant!

Hello! Can you help me please. I have same problem, i create topic Terminal and Initial forms. Need help, i don’t understand what i doing wrong. How can you did it. Do you programming something or just create .fina and . init? can you help me please?