Contextual alternates & classes issue

Hi there,
I’m having the following problem with a pair of fonts: Got a feature for contextual alternates and I separated the consonants from the vowels in four classes:


At the time of export everything works perfectly, then when closing the file and opening it later the classes Voc1 and Con1 have disappeared from the features tab. I have not tried yet to change the name, but my question:
there are some restrictions when naming classes with suffix 1? or it have a conflict with the automatic class Uppercase?

Thanks for the help.

Please do not open the .otf to check if the OpenType features are correct. Decompiling then will give different or incomplete results.

@GeorgSeifert, it’s happening on the glyphs file not in .otf

Can you send me the .glyphs file please to support (at) (this website without www). I will have a look.

Sent to support.
Many thanks.

I can reproduce it. Looking into it.

Update: Ordering Voc1 and Con1 after Voc2 and Con2 is a workaround until Georg can fix it, hopefully, based on this clue.

I had a look. If the class has only one letter in the first line, the input fails. So just remove some line breaks and it will work. I’ll fix this.

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Great, many thanks!

Perfect Georg, I’m working on this. Thanks!