Contextual Alternates within Stylistic Set

Hi everyone!
Is it possible to insert Contextual Alternates within a stylistic set?!
I want to be able to choose each calt feature I want to activate separately, which is easy by Stylistic Sets, Whereis in calt you can’t choose what to activate and what not.
So far it’s not working…

You can have context substitutions in almost all features, not just in calt.

So why is it not working for me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
I’m using InDesign CC 2018

Can you paste your code here, please?

In ss03:
sub @middle' @boundary by @end;

It works when I put it in calt but not in ss03

What is in the boundary group?

This looks very much like you need an ignore statement. See the Features tutorials. It is explained in the Positional Features.

And this should work in ssXX as well. Don’t forget to recompile features. If you have other statements in the ssXX feature as well, you will have to move the contextual code into a separate lookup. Again, this is covered in the tutorial I mentioned.

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I didn’t find any mention to ignore code in the tutorial.
The classes contain letters & punctuation.
It works when in calt, but not in ssxx.
Any solution?
What do I need to ignore?!

ignore marks if they are showing by typesetting

Read this tutorial, please:

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Great tutorial!!!
But I still don’t understand why my code works in calt, but not in ss01???

I just tried. It does work in ss01. You need to activate the stylistic set in the app for our are using it in. Contextual Alternates are on by default, stylistic sets are not; and not every app supports them. Also, are you using the Adobe Fonts folder?

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I added this lookupflag RightToLeft IgnoreMarks; and it worked!!!
Thanks for your help, you couldn’t have known that I was working with RTL text…

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