Contextual alternatives for a dummie

Can someone tell me where I’m going wrong with just the simplest of scripting tasks. I just want to display an alternative character when two identical characters are type.

I’ve place a calt feature with:
sub e e’ by e.001;

But doesn’t seem to display when typed in the main window.

Thanks Ian

Do you have the proper features enabled from bottom-left corner *Features?

Apart from that you better look into /init /medi and /fina calts.

Here is a good starter resource:

Sorry, you’re speaking to someone who has only just started with this. See screenshot of my features window.

Contextual alternates aren’t automatically triggered in the display of Glyphs–to see them you have to set them to “on” from the menu in the very lower left corner of the window.

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ah ha! Now it works. Thanks for that, can’t believe it was something so simple!!

Though when I try it out in Illustrator I get efi or efl instead of ee. Any clue why that would happen?

Dunno, could be a font cache problem