Contextual Cycling in Web

Hi everyone. I created a super quirky typeface for use as timecode for music on a website. It has contextual alternates for each character. I used the " Features, Part 3: Advanced Contextual Alternates" tutorial for this and it works great when I use the typeface in Illustrator. I used the code that cycles through classes. For example when the timecode reads 00:00, each zero is different. I love it.

Unfortunately, this does not work online. The only thing that does work is when I use the contextual substitution code from “Features, Part 2: Contextual Substitutions”. But that also means, that my contextual alternates are less diverse. After the colon, the substitutions reset. Basically it’s “zero, zero.sso1 colon zero, zero.sso1” instead of “zero, zero.sso1 colon zero.ss02, zero.sso3”. I was wondering if there is a way to use the full contextual cycling abilities online as well. This would make my day.

Thank you in advance <3

Files can be found here:
Wildstyle has contextual cycling, Wildstyle_B only has the simpler substitutions

Take the colon, comma, and whatever else can be inside a number, and put it in the @Etc OpenType class as described in the Advanced Contextual Alternates tutorial. What may not work (not in every browser, at least) is the space in the class.