Contextual spacing


So I’m working on a script typeface that, within its complexity, needs a contextual spacing. Because the lowercase is connected and the spacing is very tight, when it is combined with uppercase letters these pairs collide. So I was digging into the specs of OpenType features so that I can find a way to write a few lines of features that solve this.

Since Glyphs is generating the features inside the app and I can’t access the GPOS table neither, I was wondering what’s the best option to use feature classes in this case so that I can change the space between a pair of groups.


Have you read this?

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Which exact connections collide? Uppercase to Uppercase? Add theUppercase class and automate it, the add a kern feature with something like this:
pos @Uppercase' 30 @Uppercase;

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Great, thank you guys (@Tosche and @mekkablue), I don’t know why I didn’t remember this post. I kept searching for “features” and I didn’t see this post but now I remember reading it a while ago. Thanks a lot again! This is exactly what I need.