Contours incompatible? Using corner components in Variable Font

Exporting a font as variable gives me this report (german version). Using corner com­po­nents for the round corners here. What might be the cause? (masters are compatible)

Interestingly there is an italic version which exports the same (slanted) contours flawlessly.

Can you show some of the other masters?

Sure. It all looks compatible regarding masters. OTFs export without problems.

Anyone?? :confused:

Can you send me the file?

Did you run the Propagate Corner Components script?

Just tried. No effect unfortunately.

THX, Georg! Just sent via message.

Why do you have a Round Corner filter on top of all those corner components? First, you need to add a “compatible” argument that can help with some of the problems.

But as there are already a lot corner components, you might like to apply the filter only to certain glyphs that really need it (with a “include:” argument).

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That was it! I deleted the unnecessary filter and now it exports without a problem.