Control characters for SE Asian scripts

I’ve noticed some of the glyph names don’t follow the convention of middleCaps, and wonder if it’s correct or not:

zerowidthspace 200B
nbspace 00A0
zerowidthnonjoiner 200C
zerowidthjoiner 200D
wordjoiner 2060
graphemejoinercomb 034F

Did we ever establish how to show these are required in the character lists for any of these ‘languages’?

Good question.

@Kimya_Gandhi and @robkeller mentioned the same about zerowidthjoiner and zerowidthnonjoiner for Devanagari. Microsoft applications may expect them to be present in the Devanagari font file if I understand correctly.

So, I guess they ought to be in the language sidebars, right? Technically, they all are categorised as Separator. So I see either a new subcategory Separator, or we squeeze them into Other. I have a small tendency to the latter because it is just a few glyphs.

Yes, MS recommends/suggests including them in any complex script font. (there may be a newer version of that page somewhere).

Also dottedCircle should be in the list. Do you mean putting Other subcategories in all the scripts that need these glyphs?

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I see Myanmar has a Separator subcategory already. I guess it is better to add that everywhere then. And possibly review the Other subcategories, because sometimes they contain just numerals, and that should be named in a better way.

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Ah yeah I think I probably included those characters in the preliminary character list for Burmese. So let’s do the same for the others.

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