Controling horizontal/vertical stroke end?

Hello all:
Apologies if this is obvious.

I’m using in-built “strokes”.
I have experimented and noticed that horizontal/vertical stroke ending tends to flip when it’s associated straight segment passes through 45°, though it’s not ultra-repeatable.
The blue line in the attached screenshot shows what I want at the end of the stroked curve (the expanded and modified version to the right) and the auto version.

So: is it possible to control the flipping horizontal/vertical stroke end when I’m on the on the “wrong side of 45°”?

Cheers, Colin

Glyphs version: 3.0.4 (3108)

I have the same question/problem. Does anyone know a solution?

Kind regards, Basil

Currently, the vertical/horizontal stroke ending is only possible with the 45° threshold. With a sharper angle, the result might not be good, specially with curves.

Hi Georg:
… okay, fair enough.
(Thanks for the reply!)

yes, thanks for the answer georg!