Controlling strikeoutPosition and underlinePosition

Is there a way of really controlling the stroke positions of strikeoutPosition and underlinePosition? If I compare InDesign, Word for Mac and TextEdit they all seem to interpret the values very arbitrary, respectively they are ignoring the values. At least in InDesign it looks like the value of the underlinePosition is the center of the stroke (although the parameter is described as “The suggested distance from the baseline to the top of the underline”). The CFF table seems to not be featuring a strikeoutPosition. It is not mentioned in the Glyphs Handbook aswell. What is it for then? Thanks!

It has been added in 2.6.1, and is part of the OS/2 table.

Please do not overvalue these settings. Most apps ignore them.

have a look at what @harbortype wrote on Jul '18:

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Thanks! The Harbor Type Article is useful. Yes, I guess I just needed a confirmation here.

Ah, yes, sorry, now I remember. I wanted to integrate that into a tutorial at one point.