Controlling the TT curve precision on variable fonts export?

Is it possible to control the TrueType curve precision when I export a variable font? For normal TTFs, I can use the custom parameter TrueType Curve Error, which is very helpful but this seems impossible for variable fonts? I know I can increase the UPM of the source file but that would not be a clean solution. Ideally, this should be possible on export.

Generally speaking, is it possible to use custom parameters for VF export? I have a feeling it could be be very useful since there are all kinds of things I may want to tweak on export (instead of in the source), not only for single-master fonts.

Oops, just noticed that TrueType Curve Error is also available as a font-wide custom parameter. Problem solved!

Still, it might be sometimes be useful to set up an instance for the VF export. Analogous to the Save as TrueType custom parameter.

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Yes. We have something like that on our list.

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