Convert an instance to master

What is the way to do this? I usually export the instance and add as master as font.

You can do it directly via the Plus menu in the bottom left of Font Info > Instances.

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Cool! it would be nice as a right click on instance item :slight_smile:


Hmm not sure. It is hopefully not something you do often.

I do to refine a good interpolation or extrapolation

I strongly suggest to not to add too many mastes. Instead, refine the masters. And for glyphs, that really need some adjustments, you can use brace layers.

Yes, I know… I usually draw the regular/medium master, then a thin/light and make the black/bold using an instance. I then convert the instance to a master and I must refine it.

How many masters do you have in the end?

  1. But I think I can reduce to 2 :slight_smile: