Convert to Quadratic paths

Is there a way to force the conversion to be more ‘tolerant’ over its interpretation of a curve. I’m finding that some shallow curves are being redrawn by Glyphs as a straight line. This is changing the final outline too much.

I guess I could remake a set of Glyph masters as TT outline version . . .

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You mean it should be more strict to keep the shape? There is a custom parameter to set the conversion tolerance. But that effects all glyphs and will increase the number of nodes in all glyphs.

can you send me a sample outline? Maybe I can tweak the algorithm a bit.

It avoid the shallow segment? Usually leaving out a node can help already.

Will sort something out to send you to explain Georg.

There are no nodes to remove – it’s a shallow curve between two nodes and PS handles.

The conversion is alway changing the shape a tiny bit.
The threshold determines how close the TrueType curve has to follow the cubic curve.

I meant to remove one of the two nodes you mentioned. Is one of them an extremum? And the segment an extension of the previous segment? Then you may get away with deleting the extremum.