Converting anchors from straight to round

Hi, I just cannot get the blue anchor to convert to a rounded one. I’m double clicking; pressing return. Googling didn’t help. (Glyphs 2.3) Any comments or tutorials welcome.

Thank you

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You probably mean to say on-curve node. Anchors are something else.

I suspect the blue node in the top right? Seems like a stray point to me, i.e., it is not on the big path, but next to it.

Thank you. The blue—I’ll call it—square was affecting the path—please disregard, as it wasn’t necessary anyway.

This time I’ve selected two ‘curve nodes’ (?) to show the ones I am trying to affect. I am simply trying to round the straight segment to achieve a completely rounded ‘c’. I have tried selecting nodes and tabbing, etc (as I read somewhere, but it didn’t work for me).

I think you have a straight section there. Try alt-clicking the line between the points first.

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Done. That simple. HUGE THANK YOU. I spent hours. Cheers.

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Take a look at the 2-minute Drawing Paths video on the Get Started page.

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Thank you mekkablue. I had watched that several times, but somehow managed to overlook the option-click that Bendy suggested. (I probably shouldn’t try to work when I’ve got a flu, as concentration is low).

Thanks all.