Converting images to vector

Hi forum, is there any way to import batch images to Glyphs App, and digitalize them to vector/TIFF files? An example would be to generate a glyph font based on the input image file, i.e a hand-sketched outline. I know this can be done manually by placing the image as background and tracing over, but my goal here isn’t really designing a precise typeface; it’s more like an experiment on image -to-glyph conversion.

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why as in choosing this method or the end goal? it’s meant to be experimental and for personal use

What is the Thesis of your experiment?

using machine-generated images as the final fonts! the output glyphs encompass many CJK characters for more than 1k which is why doing it manually would be a huge hassle. hope this clarifies the question

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Yes, they need to be called like the glyphs you import them into, e.g., x.png for the glyph x. Then you select all glyphs, choose Glyph > Add Image… and import all of those glyphs at once. Keep the images in a folder next to your font because in the font file, only the relative path will be stored. You can fix broken links with the Images scripts in the mekkablue scripts.

There are tracing plug-ins in Window > Plugin Manager.

thank you for explaining it step by step… so i tried the method but the images all disappear after i dragged them inside the app. on top of that i want to assign each image to a specific unicode. is there a faster way to do that in python?

in other words, how can i pip images via python to glyph app to process the final font?

Try View > Show Image.

There is a Python API and you can peek into the Images scripts in the mekkablue scripts for reference: