Converting '.vfb' files Error

I want to open a ‘.vfb’ created in ‘Fontlab Studio 5’.

I downloaded the ‘glyphs’ file and put it in macros folder of Fontlab.

I Select ‘Glyps’ from the macro toolbar and press the play button.

However, the following error message occurs.

Will write font to: /Users/zero/Desktop/JFonts.glyphs
Font is written with “Disables Automatic Alignment” activated. Please review this setting in Font Info.

A ‘.glyphs’ file is created, but I don’t know if the file has been converted normally.

Why is that error message appearing,
and how can I check whether the’.glyphs’ file is normally created?

That is not an error message, just a notification.

Thank you so much!
After waiting about 2-3 minutes, I was able to confirm that the file was converted.
I didn’t know that the file was converted normally, and I ended it in the middle.
But now it looks like the file has been converted normally.