Copy all anchors from one font to another one

Hi, is there a simple way how to copy all anchors from one font to another one and keep their exact position? I work on three font families which share their proportions and I have all anchors properly placed in one font.

That seems to be the task for a script.

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OK, I all ask someone, thanks.

I am needing a script to steal all anchors (in all layers) from one font to other. If someone can do it I will be grateful.

I want to develop a script for this, I’m beginning with python. Any similar script to this to take a look?


three are some anchor related scripts in Rainers Repository:

I’m creating something similar to solve this problem (or my problem), based on OhBendy’s place anchor script.
I will share the code after some tunning.
A little question, is there a simple technique to get the center of a slanted glyph. I’m dividing glyph width in 2, this works on normal fonts but obviously not in the italics.

Any help? thanks in advance.

if you have a look at my GitHub, there are some scripts concerning anchors and italic angle at ones. This one for example. It has a function for the italic offset (the italic angle rotates around half of the xHeight). Check this out and you should be good to go on from there.

I think this should work for me, I will take a closer look.
Thanks Mark!

You’re welcome. Please ignore the from Foundation import * … this was just a quick hack, which I need to remove. Just have no access to it right now.

Yes, I’ve read in other post that import all foundation is slow.

What I done is not exactly what we were talking here. But is very handy for my case.

The script adds anchors to glyphs based on a dictionary. And there is another script to create the dictionary based in other font. Is like copy and pasting but in more steps haha. Sorry, I’m a noob.

Here the link to Github feel free to comment.