Copy and paste component

Is there an easier and faster way to copy and paste the components easier than this way?

Something like an option to paste to all empty layers?

I will have a look.

But why do you have so many master? I can understand three, maybe four (if you have really extreme thins or blacks which you haven’t). I’m pretty sure that with this kind of contrast, you can have very good results with two masters. And if you have problems in some glyphs, you can use a extra intermediate master: -trick/

I have a script for that. I’ll upload it asap. Been having internet problems.

Georg Seifert
Thank you
I was waiting for the update, or scripts abbreviated me copies of this huge number of components have during layers

Masters > Sync Components Across Masters
Masters > Copy Layer to Layer

Whichever you like better. The first only syncs components, the other can copy anything, but only to one Master at a time (useful for many glyphs at once).

Thank you
Script is effectively. It works properly

There is a problem in copying components that contains : top_1/ top_2/bottom_1and bottom_2 : they do not appear in the same order when copying

Is it new?

The script copies only the components in their order. If they show up in the wrong position, it indicates that the components are not properly ordered in the original layer.

But I will have a look and update the script with anchor associations.

I updated the script, it should work now as expected. Please redownload from my GitHub rep.

Script work efficiently
Thank you very much for your efforts