Copy and paste into Glyphs Mini?

Are there any applications besides Illustrator where you can copy and paste designs into Glyphs Mini?

Like iDraw for example? Or some other vector based drawing application for Mac?

I’m just looking for an easy way to import into Glyphs Mini, though I realize import is limited compared to the full version.

Nevermind, you can just drag and drop svg files from the desktop. Thought I read you couldn’t do that in Glyphs Mini, so I just never tried until now. :slight_smile:

The developer of Sketch is working in copy paste compatibility with Glyphs. All other vector drawing app that I now of do not offer outline data in the clipboard.


I just tested this with iDraw on the Mac, and no, you can’t copy stuff from it it into Glyphs and neither paste on its canvas stuff from Glyphs. I thought on the Mac all inter-application copy-and-paste was PDF-based, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. :confused:

Anyway, Ai ⟷ Glyphs copy & paste works, and that’s what matters most of the time. :^)

Thanks for the replies. As I noted, drag and drop of svg files works just fine, a feature I thought was restricted to the full version of Glyphs.

I just implemented copy paste from iDraw. Copy to iDraw works, too, but seems to be broken in iDraw (there are a lot points inserted into the path).

Cool, the Glyphs team delivers! :slight_smile:
As soon as this becomes available in a beta, I’ll test and then write to iDraw’s developer about the problem on their part.