Copy and paste kerning values from one font to another doesnt work


I was wondering if this is a bug or I don’t do something properly here I recently tried to copy RTL kerning values from the kerning window in a font that I want to paste into another one, however, it does not seem to be able to be pasted unless a few (like 5-6 out of a total of about 570 pairs)

Some other times, also with an altered additional “MMK_R_N” suffix which I hade no idea what that is.(when pasted in external text editor)

Thanks so much if any tips, or other method to steal kerning from other font.

I of course made sure text window is in RTL direction in both fonts.

Copying and pasting RTL kerning currently is broken. I am working on a script for circumventing the issue until it is fixed.

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Oh ok that’s good to know. Thanks so much Rainer I appreciate it! :wink:

I fixed it.

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Until the update is out, the script mekkablue > Kerning > Transfer RTL kerning can help.

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Thank you very much Georg, I appreciate it!

Thank you so much Rainer! :raised_hands: Awesome!

I have a file with 3 masters. I am trying to copy the RTL kerning from the second master to the third master. I can’t seem to get it to work.

Is the Transfer RTL kerning script supposed to help me with this task? Or is there a different trick I should know about?

And is there any update about the copying and pasting of RTL kerning issue?

I fixed it.

Hey, I have Glyphs version 3.0.4 (3106) and can’t seem to paste RTL kerning.

The fix for pasting RTL kerning will be available in the next update, after the 3.0.4 (3106) cutting edge version.