Copy classes from file to other?


there are anyway to Copy classes from a file to another?

What classes do you mean? Opentype classes or kerning classes.
The OpenType classes can be copy pasted from Font Info > Features.

Kerning classes can be copied by selecting some glyphs, copy, go to the other font and use Paste Special.
Or use File > Import > Metrics.

Hello George,

Sorry if I’m not clear in this part.
No, Class of letters.

It is still unclear what you mean by ‘class of letters’. The term is not defined. You have to either use the correct terminology or describe what you mean in prose.

Here is what I mean, thank you.

Those classes are called Opentype Classes. They are very easy to copy. Just select the class you want to copy and press Cmd+c.

The class is now copied, ready to be pasted.

If you want to copy more classes or all of the classes you can select more of them and press Cmd+c.

Thank you, Clause.
i’m got it now.

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