Copy glyph from different master to a new SS

Hi everyone!
I need to do something that might take quite a long time to do unless, some of you know a quicker way to do this.
1.I have two masters. Let’s call it Regular and Bold;
2. I want to create a Stylistic Set for Regular and this SS has in it the respective Bold glyph.
3. I want to do the same but the other way around: Create a SS for Bold that has the Regular glyph in it.

Is there any available script to do something like this?
I can do it one by one, but I believe that all the copy pasting involved might be easy translated by some actionable script. Problem is, I’m close to zero with programming.

My current thinking is: If when adding a new glyph I can write: A+acute = Aacute does that mean that it’s possible to say Aacute Regular = Aacute.ss01 Bold

Thanks for your help!

It seems very unlikely to me that a script would exist for something like that. But you can (a) learn Python in an afternoon or (b) simply split the file in two, a regular and bold file, then copy and paste all glyphs from one into the other, then search and replace .001 with .ss01.

Both options look great! I’ll go with option 2 for now. About learning python (and I know this might be off topic and I’m sorry for that but), is that any website/book you would recommend to a beginner?

As always, many thanks for answering me in such short time!

Start here:

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