Copy glyph position from other .glyphs

@mekkablue is there a script that do that? thanks

What do you mean by glyph position?

x,y of the whole shape

The origin of the bounding box? Don’t have such a Script. Why not write that yourself? Should be easy. Determine the bbox origins, calculate the offset, and apply a transform with that that offset.

there is a script for copying metrics. I was thinking to copy the x,y values too.

The x and y of what exactly? Origin of the bounding box? Center of bbox? And if so: what for? Why would that make sense?

I need to copy the exact position and size of the shapes from a file to another. When you select the whole shape (cmd + a) in the info box there is x / y values and width/ height of the shape.

Need to pick vector from illustrator that was reshaped to glyphs again, but since its a mod from other font, i need the same values from original one.

OK, here is your algorithm:

  1. source font: record bbox origin and size
  2. target font: distort shape to match the size, there is a transform snippet available
  3. target font: calculate the difference between origins and move the layer; again, the transform snippet can help you
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Thanks Mekka! If someone with knowledge of the python api could help, much appreciated.

Don’t you?