Copy glyphnames to OT-features

I have a feeling this worked before, or am I just hoping it would?

  1. Select a row of glyphs (for instance A Ä …)
  2. Copy to OT-code
  3. The result is “A Adieresis” … (ready for Features)

In my document nothing happens. Would save a hell of a time if it worked.

Step 2 should be: right-click -> Copy glyph names

After pasting the names into the text field for the feature code, you simply replace (cmd-F) slashes by spaces.


Does the cmd-F in the features panel only work on newer OSX than 10.6?
When i cmd-F, a hovering find and replace window appears, but it’s buttons are greyed out. No matter what i type in its text fields.

Yes. Workaround: use a text editor like TextWrangler, Sublime, TextMate or simply TextEdit for doing the replacing.

Ok, what i did so far. thanks!