Copy glyphs from a font with adjusted group names and kerning

I have a seperate small caps font with the small caps on the lowercase position. Now I would like to add it to the regular font. At the moment thats the way I do it: In the small caps font, I add to all lowercase character a suffix (.sc). Then I also change the group names. Then I copy the small caps to the regular font. At last I would copy the kerning. Problem: When I change the group names, the names in the kerning panel stay the same, so the kerning gets lost. Is there a way to change the group names in the glyphs AND in the kerning panel? Or is there even a better way to add glyphs from one font to another and adapt the groups and kerning?

Any ideas someone? Thanks!

If you rename the groups in the kerning panel, then it will ask you if it should rename the groups in the glyphs, too.

yes, I hoped there would be a faster way. I use @mekkablue’s rename groups script, would be nice if there would be the option to rename the groups in the kerning window also.

Thanks anyway!

But that is what it does…?

Not for me. It only changes the the group names, but in the Kerning window are still the old group names.

Could be a window drawing update problem. Have you tried closing and reopening the window, or the file?

Yes, I did try. It’s not a window drawing problem, also the exported fonts have no kerning.

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@mekkablue any updates on this? Would love to be able to batch edit kerning group names and have it actually apply to kerning already in the font.

But that is what you can do by renaming the kerning group in the Kerning Window. It should ask you this:


And you press Rename.

Sorry I was unclear, I was talking specifically about “find+replace in kerning groups.” The script works very well in renaming multiple kerning group names at a time, but breaks the actual kerning. I could go one by one, master by master in the kerning panel, yes. But it would be great if it could be done faster by having your script apply the renaming to the kerning already in the file.

I wanted to add this to the script at one point, but… well, the window does it already.

How many kerning groups do you have?

You do not need to step through masters BTW. Group names are always font-wide.

Especially in cases where one needs to reformat the namings, i.e., adding prefixes or suffixes to a whole section of glyphs’ groups, it would be very useful. Going group-by-group is quite tedious.

You do not need to step through masters BTW. Group names are always font-wide.

This is not true, at least not in my experience. The rename option only renames the class for the selected master. The other masters remain unchanged (even after app restart).