Copy kerning classes from one font to other?

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How can I copy kerning classes from one font to other? Is there a way to do it?


You can indeed, just export Font A and select the Metrics option. Then go to Font B and File > Import > choose your metrics file and select Kerning from the options that are available upon import.

Thanks! I tried and it works fine.

Or use the “Steal kerning groups” script from @mekkablue (

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This almost answered my questions @paulogoode would you know how to copy metrics from capitals to lowercase and vice versa? Like in the same font.

To give you some context. I mostly make all caps fonts and I use the capital letters in place of alternates. So my lowercase is all caps and then my uppercase is .ss01 basically. Does that make sense? I’m wondering if there is a way to copy my metrics from my lowercase, kerning LSB and RSB to my uppercase.

You could use metrics keys.

not sure what that means, metrics keys? Thanks for any help. @GeorgSeifert

See the Spacing tutorial.