Copy Kerning from a glyph to another


I don’t have kerning groups but I’ve set all kernings for one glyph and simply I want another glyph to use the same kerning pairs values, how can I do this please, anyone?

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What you want is group Kerning. You can achieve it through Compressing Kerning. Read this please:

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All good now thanks, sorry for the very basic question, :relaxed:

I want to copy the kerning settings from one glyph to another within the same font. For example from my “a” to my “á”, “à”, “ä”, “ã”, etc. There has to be an easier way?


please read the comment form mekkablue.

what if I want to copy exceptions of ocircumflex to ocircumflextilde? maybe there could be (maybe already is) something like ocircumflextilde == ocircumflex saying “copy group and exceptions of ocircumflex into ocircumflextilde”

There is a mekkablue script called Kerning > Copy Kerning Exceptions to Double Accents that does exactly that.