Copy kerning groups from base glyph to composed glyph

Do you a way or script that would help me in copying kerning groups from the base glyph to composed glyphs ?

Like a->adieresis

I am working on a project with a lot of alternates and final letters. But the kerning groups of the standard glyphs are not 1:1 compatible with the alternate glyphs.

This script would do that

It is a extension of my script:

Are you sure ? I chatted with Alexei this afternoon and he didn’t mention it.
We talked about using/changing Rainer’s …copy to .sc script. But that will not work, because the final groups are different from the normal groups.

For example:
j: left j, right j
j.fina: left j, right n_fina

So I would like to copy this to jcircumflex and jcircumflex.fina, etc. I am not talking about values, just groups.

I explaned the inner workings of the script last night.

Please try the scrip on a copy of your file an see where it succeeds and where it fails.