Copy kerning groups to component glyphs

I’m trying to find an easier way to copy kerning groups from, say A to Aacute, Aring, Acircumflex, etc other than manually setting them one by one. Is there such a script? or even a way to copy the values and then paste to selected glyphs in one go?

You can also select multiple glyphs and set the groups for all those at once.


Wrote this specifically for the case you mention.


@kontur EXACTLY what I needed thank you so much!

Hello, thank you very much for your extremely useful script! I have run into one small issue with ligature component glyphs (in my case small cap ligatures which simply consist og e.g. FL smcp glyphs next to each other). You could argue these may be redundant, but that’s not the point :slight_smile: When running the script, the kerning group for f_l.smcp will be f.smcp for both left and right, although it should be f.smcp on the left and l.smcp on the right. Any chance that may be incorporated? Just a suggestion, the script works perfectly otherwise.

On a more general note, at least to me it would make a lot of sense (and spare a fair amount of hassle) for Glyphs to automatically copy kerning groups to newly generated component glyphs. If I generate my hundreds of accented glyphs for caps, lowercase and smallcaps, it would save a lot of hassle to simply retain the kerning groups, too (as is done for metrics key). For the few exceptions where an accent in the lowercase results in different kerning, that would be a lot less work to fix seperately. I hope this makes sense!


Indeed. Smallcap ligatures are a mistake in the first place. When I have too much time, I’ll update the script. Maybe.

Fair enough. Anyway, treating kerning groups the same way metrics keys are when (batch) generating component glyphs would entirely circumvent the issue at hand, would it not? Maybe there is a reason that I am overlooking, I’m just curious :slight_smile:

But that has nothing to do with the script. And I would not recommend treating metrics keys and kerning groups the same way, either.

I am aware that has nothing to do with the script, that’s my point. So far, I have not quite understood why it would be a bad idea to natively treat kerning groups as metrics keys are (in the sense of when generating component glyphs, especially accent glyphs). When generating a component glyph, the metrics are inherited from the first component. In a similar manner, could kerning groups not be inherited from the first component, and be removed in exceptions? Sorry, I don’t want to argue this topic, I’m just afraid I haven’t quite understood why that wouldn’t make sense :grimacing:

I guess the main argument against that would be that kerning groups should be a deliberate choice. I don’t think there is any action in the app that in any way sets kerning groups automatically. If you weight the positive effect of automating this versus the negative effect of possibly having set (inherited) a kerning group that was not intended to be set there is little to gain with much to lose.

Feel free to modify the script (and maybe even send a PR back :wink: ), it’s open source and licensed under GNU.

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