Copy kerning of certain glyphs to other font

I want to copy the uppercase kerning from the upright masters to the italics versions because the shapes are almost the same. How is the best approach to do this?

Filter in kerning window. Select, copy, switch font, paste.

Oh! It was so easy!
Thanks again!

I am trying to copy some pairs from one font to another. I filter the selection to contain one glyph (X) on both sides and then select all and copy to another file. Instead of copying just the selected list, Glyphs copies all existing combinations of ALL the glyphs included in the list. Is that how it should behave?

Which version?

Tried it in 2.4.3 (1064). I realised I hadn’t updated to 2.4.4.

In 2.4.4.
If I choose the pairs as shown below, it does indeed copy only 3 pairs.

If I choose all including the class on the top then it copies all @A kerning.

Seems wrong to behave like this, doesn’t it?

This is fixed now.