Copy Kerning properties?

How can I copy kerning properties from one font to another?

I’m working on that.

Awesome, thanks!

How to share kerning between masters? is it possible? Or do I have to manually copy/paste?

You can copy paste in the kerning panel. This is for now the only option.

Do you thing about linking them permanently?

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O thanks.

It would be nice to link them but also to override or unlink if necessary.

Personally, I never saw a font with the same kerning in different wights. But it might apply to other configurations. But I can’t think of a good implementation.

I understand. Improved copying between masters would be nice although. At least multiple selection :slight_smile:
Now I have to do it one by one.

Personally, I never saw a font with the same kerning in different wights

It is common to use the kerning of one font as the basis for kerning another weight in the same family rather than starting from scratch.

The easiest way to do this would be to allow kerning to be imported from a file. In Metrics Machine kern the lightest weight first, then import those kerns into the heaviest0 weight. Then I use those extreme master to interpolate kerning for interstitial masters which I import into the interstitial masters and so on.

If Glyphs supported import kerning to masters from from .glyphs and UFO files this would be trivial.

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Ok. In Glyphs, open the kerning panel, select all, cmd+C, switch to the other master, (click in the kerning panel again to be sure) and cmd+V. (This might not work in version 1.2.2, but the latest version is fine)

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I have version 1.3.6 (339) and I cannot select all. Neither by shift+click nor cmd+A.

Any update on when the new version might be available in the App Store? I agree that being able to use kerning properties from one weight as a starting point for another would be super helpful. The copy / paste technique doesn’t seem to work in 1.2.2 though.

Are there any other workarounds that you can think of?

The update should be available in the next few days.


I have a similar question.
I made kind of a unicase-font and kerned all the uppercase letters. i now copied the letterforms to the lowercase letters, but the kerning values didn‘t copy. is there a possibility to copy them?

Add the same classes to the lower case. So A and a should be in the A class.

I didn’t set up classes… but if there’s no other way to copy the values, I will do that. Thanks!

Asap is a good sample of a font that should have the same kerning, because all family share the same advance width per glyphs.

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