Copy Kerning to Multiple Layers

IM making a 3D font, I would like to copy the kerning for one layer onto all others. I have already used the custom parameter “link metrics with first master” but when the font is exported some of the layers on a few of the characters have gone out of alignment.

Can you send me the file?

Yes, can I do that on here?

Yes, via DM in the forum. Or via e-mail: support (at) (this website without www)

I have emailed it to support, thank you.

Thanks for the file. And all glyphs have the same width in the exported files. Are you sure you don’t have a font cache problem: eliminating-font-cache-problems?

And make sure that you export without autohinting. That can disturb the rendering a bit.

I have reset the font cache and exported without autohinting. I got the same result. It is only slightly out of line in places and i think it is only on the top layer.

Can you send me the test document?

Are you sure there is no manual kerning in InDesign? Or Optical Kerning on?

I am sure there is no manual kerning on, it is only set to metrics. I will send you the test file. Cheers.