Copy layer script is not doing anything

Hi @mekkablue the script “copy layer to layer” is not doing anything after updating to the latest version, please advice, thanks

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There is a bug in the current vesrion script, yes. What exactly are you trying to do? Most of its functionality is covered by Edit > Paste Special (hold down your Option key to access it, or press Cmd-Opt-V).

I need to copy set of glyphs from one Master (layer) to another, with all metrics

This you should be able to do with Paste Special.

I tried paste special, it doesn’t do anything, please advise

You switch to one master, copy, then switch to other master, paste special, choose contents of active layer.

In font view

  • my regular weight is selected (regular layer is highlighted),
  • selected few glyphs
  • copy
  • switched to bold weight (bold layer is highlighted)
  • Paste special (selected glyphs, all data)
  • the glyphs selected got a bit darker highlight (as if they are changed), but actually nothing happened.

BTW I’ve done this today after updating to the latest cutting edge version.

Any idea?

That means it will copy the whole glyph. You are trying to replace the current layer, so you need to select “Content of active layer”.

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It worked, thanks a lot

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I’m trying to copy kerning group from (4 selected glyphs) in one master, to the same selected in another master, in paste special I have checked “kerning groups” but nothing was pasted!

Please advice

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Kerning groups are per glyph, i.e., they already apply to the complete glyph with all its layers, so you do not need copy them from one master to another.

I’m afraid it’s not, the kerning groups exist in 1 master (layer) and I can’t see them in other (masters), furthermore, in the exported font ( 3 weights), only 1 weight is respecting the kerning group.

What did I miss here?

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It is within the same font file?

Perhaps can you show a screenshot where you see the kerning group and where you don’t?

I see. You mean the kerning itself (or kerning pairs), not the kerning groups.

All you would need to do is:

  1. Select pairs in Window > Kerning and copy.
  2. Switch masters.
  3. Click in the Window > Kerning floating window again to make sure the focus is on it.
  4. Paste.

The focus is important, otherwise you are pasting into nirvana.

Way easier than I thought,

I’m still missing the intuition in glyphs, never stop learning, even this little silly one, thanks for your help.

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