Copy layer shortcut

This seems a bit of an obvious question, though I have been unable to find an answer: is there any shortcut (Or script) for simply copying a glyph outline to a new background layer, i.e. the equivalent of pressing Copy in the Layers palette?

I am trying to train myself always to copy outlines before starting to tweak them, and I’d find this simpler and quicker with a shortcut than having to aim for a small grey button.

Why not use the Background? Paths > Selection to Background. This is for a quick-and-easy back-up.

This sounds like you will end up with way too many layers. But you could write a script that duplicates the layer and appends it to the glyph layers. If the script is installed in the Scripts folder, you can assign a shortcut.

Thanks Rainer. Selection to Background has its uses, but as far as I know only keeps one copy, whereas I like to keep a breadcrumb trail of significant edits in case I have to backtrack. it’s handy that I can rename them too. And it’s very easy to delete redundant layers.

I assumed that a simple script would be the answer, so now I just have to find out how to write it. A Keyboard Maestro click shortcut is doing it for me until I have the time for that. It does still seem an obvious candidate for a native menu item/shortcut.

Keeping track of a glyph’s history is a task for a versioning system. See the Backuper plug-in in the Plugin Manager.