Copy Layers problem

When I copy my Glyph in the Layers-Palette, the copied Glyph shows no drawing what so ever (Cutting edge Version)

Cannot reproduce this in Version 2.3b (844), but I have received similar reports from other users as well. Can you send the file to support (at) this domain?

UPDATE: Got your file, cannot reproduce it. Have you updated to version 844? If not, please do, and see if the empty layer problem still occurs.

Yes I’m working with the latest update, 2.3b (844). No idea what I could be doing wrong on my end …

Hmm. Which plugins do you have? And which OS version?

Version 10.11.1


Perhaps this is a conflict between these two. Deactivate the _old plugin, only one of the two should be active anyhow.

If that does not help, try deactivating all plug-ins, e.g. by temporarily renaming the Plugins folder. And restart Glyphs to see if it had any effect.

Doesn’t have any effect.

Btw, when I copy a Glyph in Layers not only it doesn’t have any drawing, all the old layers are empty as well.

Not that I think it has much to do with this problem (you never know though), but any reason you did not upgrade to 10.11.3?

No reason, I’ve updated to Version 10.11.3 now.

can you make a screen recording how you select the other layers? Seeing it might help understand the problem.

Don’t know if this is the same thing happening. But I encountered disappearing drawings in a Tab, once the Show Handels Everywhere reporter is active. I might still have an old version of it, and obviously it is the bezierPath()still in there, causing this (console log). So maybe it helps you guys to figure out @marcweymann’s issue.

I’ve sent you a screen recording on support (at) …

I am doing the exact same thing, and I cannot reproduce it. Same system, same app version. Can you try in a new user (you can discard it again later): System Preferences > Users > Plus button

That works! I opened the same file in a new user and no layers problems. Glyphs still crashes most of the time when I want to close my file though, but thats another issue.

Where do I go from here?

Try deleting the app preferences. Search for Preferences in the handbook, the detailed steps are described there.

@mekkablue this worked fine for me. Thanks!

@mekkablue Thanks, it’s working now.

I have similar problems as describe above, and logged in as a new user in system preferences, opened Glyphs as another user. Drawings in layer has showed up, but Glyphs is now in a trial-mood and I can not open previous glyphs-files. I do not know if this problem has some relation with Glyphs updates or Creative Cloud updates which I have had similar user-problems. Where do I go from here?

License registration works on a per-user basis. You will have to double-click the license file you received in the new user as well.