Copy LSB and Width to a specific master

Hi, is there a way to copy LSB and Width from one single master font to one master of the multiple master font?
The second font is quite irregular (stamp effect) but the general shapes are identical. I need identical metrics of the basic font and “stamp” font. Due to little irregularities of the “stamp” font I cannot simply copy LSB & RSB, I have to copy LSB & Width.
Paste special does not work, it does only paste LSB & Width to the first master. How can I paste the values to another master? Thanks for your help.
Possible solution: a new option in the Paste Special Window: :ballot_box_with_check: apply to selected master

I think the “Link Metrics With First Master” custom parameter would work. You would add it to the dependent master and make sure that the basic font is sorted as the first master.

Jens, this would work if I could combine the fonts into one file. But the “stamp” styles makes the Glyphs so slow I can hardly to anything. Every mouse click means I have to look at rainbow wheel for a second or two!
Therefore I keep them in a separate file.

Ah ok, I missed the part about the single master font, sorry.

Anyway, I just realized I have a script for this. This is not the first time I’d need this functionality. Sorry.
EDIT: my script is old and does not work properly :frowning:

The Steal Sidebearings script from my repo does not work for you?

Oh yes, it works!!! Sorry, based on the name of the script, I expected it only works with LSB and RSB. It is perfect, many thanks!

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