Copy & paste affinity designer and glyphs mini


Hi All,

I’m delighted to see that the Affinity Designer App is supported in Glyphs (mini) or vice versa. I can copy and paste from and to Glyphs from my 1.6 version of the app. Very useful as I’m moving away from Adobe anytime soon.
Mac OS X 10.12.6 / Affinity Designer 1.6.0 / Glyphs mini 1.5.7

Add suport for copying and pasting from Gravit to Glyphs and vice versa

And I made a small video about the workflow:


Nice video. Thanks.
Have you tried he same redrawing in Glyphs directly?
And cleaning up paths in Glyphs has the advantage that if you delete a point that it tries to keep the shape.


Maybe I missed something, is it possible to load a reference into Glyphs?


If you mean having a reference image to trace, then yes. There’s the menu Glyphs > Add Image… documented in the Glyphs Mini 2 Handbook section 2.10.1 Adding Images (section 3.11.1 Adding Images of the Glyphs 2.3 Handbook), both of which are available here:

Once the image is added and positioned where you want, it can be helpful to lock it in place. Hope that helps.


Oh, thank you. Just found it in my older version of Glyphs mini. I’ll try this.