Copy/paste components from one master to another

I’ve drawn a regular master in which all the diacritical characters (obviously) consist of components. I’ve drawn the same components for another master-weight and all I need to do now is fill in each character with said components. What I’ve been doing so far is simply copy/pasting the components from one master to the other, but it takes quite some time. Is there a way to automate this process?

Select all composite glyphs in Font view open the Glyph menu, press the Option key and choose Glyphs > Create Composite for all Masters.

Or Script > mekkablue > Components > Sync Components Across All Masters. This has the advantage that it will also propagate component structures that do not conform to the default recipes.

The Create Composite command resets the component structure to the recipes set forth in the glyph data.

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Thank you!