Copy-Paste/Duplicate and Anchor?

While anchoring sometimes I want to have an anchor at a similar placement than one I previously placed. For example I like to have many center anchors in certain glyphs like the T. This way I can build the Tugrik and Tbar glyphs very easily. This happens more than you might think and I tend to use a lot of anchors generally.

To do this I have to create three separate anchors and position them manually by performing various alignments functions. I know it’s not a major problem but it would make anchor placement much quicker for this kind workflow.

This is why I’d like to be able to duplicate anchors easily. Cmd+D currently duplicates the whole glyph, which is fine and I also use that. So I suggest just adding the function to copy/paste anchors. When you paste an anchor, just rename it by appending an _# to it, where # is an incrementing number.

This is a small feature but it would accelerate anchoring quite a bit, in my opinion.

You can opt+drag the anchor. But I can see that there should be a way to duplicate an anchor with the keyboard.

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Ok thanks for the tip! That is fine for now. But yes, a keyboard solution would be very nice :smiley: