Copy & Paste from Procreate to Glyphs

I usually draw up my characters in Procreate, export as .png and then c&p to trace in Glyphs. That system used to work just fine in Glyphs 2, and still does, but not in Glyphs 3. Something does paste as the base character disappears. I’m sure it worked initially as that’s my usual process, but not having done much in the last couple of months I haven’t noticed when exactly the issue started.

Thank you

Where do you copy the image data from?

And why don’t you just drag the image file into the edit view?

Works for me. Make sure:

  • the .glyphs file has been saved,
  • View > Show Image is on.

I think the easiest way to get data from the iPad into Glyphs is the universal clipboard, because you just copy on the iPad and paste on the Mac.

Hi, thank you, show image wasn’t on. Works just fine!

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Consider using the universal clipboard instead of Make sure both your iPad and your Mac are in the same WiFi, then you can just copy and paste directly from Procreate on the iPad to Glyphs on the Mac.

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